New Technical White Paper – Understanding Data Locality in VMware Virtual SAN

VMware Virtual SAN is a new hypervisor-converged, software-defined storage platform that is fully integrated with VMware vSphere. Virtual SAN aggregates locally attached disks of hosts that are members of a vSphere cluster, to create a distributed shared storage solution.

Virtual SAN is a hybrid disk system that leverages both flash-based devices to provide optimal performance, and magnetic disks, to provide capacity and persistent data storage. This delivers enterprise performance and a resilient storage platform.



VMware vSphere 6 beta publicly available


VMware announced VMware vSphere 6 beta publicly available. In order to participate you have to follow this link on VMware Community pages

After registration you will be able to download all binaries. Even though that this beta is open to public you have to remember key rules.

Please remember that this vSphere Beta is private even though it is open to everyone. Do not share information from this Beta Program with those not in the Beta Program. What you learn and see in this Beta is meant to be kept confidential per the Master Software Beta Test Agreement and Program Rules.

vNIC e1000 to vmx3net


You can change the adapter type by editing the virtual machine configuration file. This can be done by connection the the ESXi host with SSH or by simply downloading, changing and uploading the configuration file. Steps:

Power off the virtual machine
Remove the virtual machine from inventory
Change ethernetX.virtualDev parameter in the the .vmx File
Register the virtual machine
Power on the virtual machine


  1. Connect-VIServer -Server serverip -username root -Password passw0rd
  2. Get-VM MyVM1 | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where {$_.Type -eq “E1000”} | Set-NetworkAdapter -Type Vmxnet3