New Book – Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

Become a master at troubleshooting and solving common storage issues in your vSphere environment



Identify key issues that affect vSphere storage visibility, performance, and capacity
Comprehend the storage metrics and statistics that are collected in vSphere
Get acquainted with the many vSphere features that can proactively protect your environment

What you will learn from this book

Identify the root cause of storage issues within vSphere
Understand where to look when storage is suddenly not available
Use esxtop to monitor and discover pain points in your infrastructure
Diagnose and resolve SCSI reservations and queuing issues
Design storage properly based on workloads
Monitor and alert on your thinly provisioned disks and data store capacity
Utilize Storage DRS to proactively balance your capacity and workload on your data stores
Maintain compliance in terms of placement with Profile Driven Storage
Grant VMs the performance they need with Storage I/O Control
Decipher storage-related error entries in the vSphere logfiles

Who this book is written for

If you are a vSphere administrator, this is the book for you. This book will provide you with ‘need to know’ information about the various storage transports that ESXi utilizes, the tools and techniques we can use to identify problems, and the fundamental knowledge and steps to take to troubleshoot storage-related issues. Prior knowledge of the VMWare environment is assumed.

Troubleshooting vSphere Storage – Paperback


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